How does it work?

It’s a secure on-line system which means that parents/carers are able to log onto the website using a personal user name and password to access up to date information about your child’s progress in school.  Through a number of screens you will be able to see, at a glance, information about attendance, attainment and behaviour and be able to access all school reports on-line.

Insight App

There is also an Insight app which can be download either from the apple app store or the google play store (links at the bottom of this page) depending on your phone make. The Insight app works just like the website but gives you the information you need on your phone at a quick glance. 


Video Guide to setting up the Insight app







Contact Details

We already check annually that we have the correct contact details for you and your family and any other person we should contact in an emergency.  The Parent Portal will allow you to update those ‘Personal Details’ at any time which should further improve communications.

Attendance and Reporting Absence

Insight Parent Portal is also designed to be a convenient way for you to monitor your child’s attendance.  Daily registers (morning and afternoon) will record your child’s attendance ‘live’. If your child has been absent because of illness you can use the Parent Portal to notify us of the absence on the ‘Report Absences’ page. If your child is unwell you can notify the school via the portal before 9:00 am. However, if you are unable to access the Portal, please telephone the school to let us know in the normal way. You can even notify the school of planned absences in the future for medical appointments etc.


Lessons, Rewards, Exams and Behaviour

Insight Parent Portal will also provide you with up to the minute information about your child’s timetable and even rewards and sanctions from class to class! 


Problems and Feedback

We hope that you will find Insight easy to use. If you encounter any problems with the system or would like to leave any feedback, please contact the Insight administrator using the email address