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KS3 Music

All students have one music lesson a week at KS3. Our lessons focus mostly on the 'knowledge of how in music' (the practical skills needed to perform or compose music), and the 'knowledge of music' (what it feels like to have a relationship with music.  To perform, be part of an ensemble, listen to others, compose and more).

We learn how music works so that we have the freedom to perform and compose unaided.  This is taught through skill units including ensemble performances, harmony and tonality, rhythm and metre, composition skills and more.

Within these units students sing as part of a choir, perform keyboards, guitars, ukuleles, djembe's, bucket drums, samba and more.  They learn how to use music technology including musescore and soundtrap.

Full details are on our learning journey linked here.

GCSE Music

Students have the option of taking Edexcel GCSE Music at KS4.  

The specification is as follows:

Performing (two pieces) - 30% - Students perform a solo and ensemble piece at grade 4 level standard.

Composing (two pieces) - 30% - Students compose two pieces of music.  One is a free choice and the other is a brief set by Edexcel.  Students can compose in any style on any instrument

Appraisal - 40% - Students take a 1hr 45 minute listening paper, appraising the music they hear.  They study 8 set works in advance of the exam.  

These are:

J.S. Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D - 3rd Movement

L.V. Beethoven - Piano Sonata NO. 8 in C minor ("Pathetique") - 1st Movement

H. Purcell - Music for a While

F. Mercury (Queen) - Killer Queen

S. Schwartz (Wicked) - Defying Gravity

J. WIlliams (Star Wars: Ep IV A New Hope) - Main Title/Rebel Blockade Runner

Afro Celt Soundsystem - Release

V Moraes, B Powell - Samba Em Preludio (Performed by E Spalding)

Instrumental lessons

We currently have 15 visiting instrumental music teachers who give students one to one peripatetic lessons.  Learners range from beginners to grade 8.  Please click here for more information  

Extra curricular opportunities

We pride ourselves on the extra curricular opportunities available at Gartree and the reputation it has in the local community.  We offer orchestra, choir, vocal group, steel pans, turntablism and a school musical (Matilda in 2022 and Oliver in 2024).


Recently we have performed at De Montfort Hall with year 7 singers, Music For Youth with the school orchestra, trips to watch concerts and musicals, held sell out concerts within school and more.

In July 2023 55 students form the choir, orchestra and steel pans took part in a tour of Belgium which you can view below.

You can view highlights of our performances at our youtube channel:

Tour of Belgium Montage (2).jpg
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