Key Stage 3

Astronomy is not offered in KS3. It would make a good option choice at GCSE for anyone who enjoys science, is interested in the universe and enjoys looking to see what is out there.

Key Stage 4

How the course is assessed?  100% final examination

Exam board: Edexcel (1AS0)

Course Overview

The course is  split into 2 sections: Understanding the Universe (this is the ‘theory’ section, split into 4 modules) and ‘Exploring the Universe,’ which is the practical coursework section.

The first section is split into four parts:

  • Earth, Moon and Sun

  • planetary systems

  • stars

  • galaxies and cosmology

You can expect to:

  • Learn about the history of the oldest of sciences

  • Develop your investigational, mathematical and written skills

  • Carry out astronomical observations and complete your own astronomical project

  • Get philosophical as you consider where the universe came from

  • Think about whether life might exist on other planets, and how we might find out

  • Visit sites around the country which are important to astronomy, such as the National Space Centre, the Greenwich Observatory and Jodrell Bank.

Where does it lead?

Astronomy is an excellent course for supporting students going on to study sciences and maths in Higher Education.