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Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care Overview

Key Stage 3:

Health and Social Care is not offered at Key Stage 3 but it would make a great option for someone interested in studying and learning about the skills needed to work in a health and social care setting.

Key Stage 4:

How it’s assessed – 2x Written pieces of Coursework (each worth 30%) 1x Final examination (worth 40%)

Exam board – OCR Cambridge National (J835)

Course Overview – You may be interested in this if you want to use what you learn in practical, real-life situations, such as:

• Recommending support for individuals.

• Creating and delivering a health promotion campaign.

This will help you to develop independence and confidence in using skills that would be relevant to the health and social care sector. The qualification will also help you to develop learning and skills that can be used in other life and work situations, such as:

• Communicating effectively with individuals or groups. Communication is at the heart of health and social care and is taught or applied in all units.

• Researching topic areas and recording research sources, then using them to interpret findings and present evidence.

• Planning creative activities or health promotion campaigns, this will involve managing time and identifying aims, purpose, resources, methods.

• Creating, presenting/delivering information to a group or an individual.

Where does it lead - These skills will help you progress onto further study in the health and social care sector. This may be Level 3 vocational qualifications, such as the Cambridge Technical in Health and Social Care; A levels in psychology, biology or sociology and the following apprenticeships:

• Adult care worker

• Allied Health Profession Support

• Health and Social Care

• Healthcare science assistant

• Maternity and Paediatric Support

It is anticipated that this qualification will also enable you to progress onto a T Level, such as Health and Healthcare Science, when they are available.

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