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How the course is assessed: 

• 40% final examination 

• 30% composing (two compositions) 

• 30% performing (two performances) 

Exam board: Edexcel (1MU0) 

Course overview: This course will equip students with all the skills required to develop as a musician. The three key components of the course are appraising, composing and performing - with a focus on developing deeper musical understanding in a wide variety of contexts throughout the course. Students will be given the opportunity to perform with others, and also to use technology to compose music in a variety of genres and styles. 

Areas of study: 

• instrumental music 1700-1820; 

• vocal music; 

• music for stage and screen; 

• fusions. You can expect to: 

• appraise and understand music from a variety of genres. These include music for stage and screen, classical music and vocal music; 

• perform as a soloist and in groups/ensembles; 

• compose music based on your own ideas and set composing briefs. 

Where does it lead? 

Music is both a creative and theoretical subject that can lead to many fields including music teaching, music therapy, sound recording and music technology based industries. GCSE Music is an ideal path into A-level music, which can lead to many specialised courses including degree courses that specialise in composing, song writing and popular music. There are also many college courses specialising in performance, studio techniques, and sound recording.

Assessment and other information:

Students will take part in extra-curricular music making in school and also from following a dedicated practice regime on their specialist instrument. Students will take every opportunity to perform in school concerts, shows and events. The ability to read music is an advantage but not essential. Students will develop the knowledge of music theory throughout the course. 

*students will need to have been taking instrumental lessons or be a confident singer for at least one year before considering taking this course.


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