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How the course is assessed: Three 1 hour and 30 minutes exams taken at the end of Year 11

Exam board: OCR (J560)

Course overview:

Mathematics is a core subject and therefore studied by all students. From year 10, the course is divided into two tiers, Foundation and Higher; pupils will cover the material for one of these tiers depending on which will better help them to maximise their potential.

External assessment is 100% exam and each student’s final grade will be based on three exams that will be taken at the end of Year 11 (there is no coursework element to the mathematics course).

Students can expect to:

· Gain a firm understanding of the following five key areas of mathematics:

• Number

• Algebra

• Geometry and Measures

• Ratio and Proportion

• Statistics and Probability;

· Develop strong reasoning and problem-solving skills;

· Experience high-quality and engaging lessons;

· Develop independent study through regular homework assignments and online resources;

· Receive appropriate support in exam preparation;

· Be given the option in Year 11 to participate in an extra-curricular A Level preparation course for those considering, or planning, to take A Level Maths.

Where does it lead?

Mathematics is an engaging subject that equips students with vital reasoning and problem-solving skills. Due to the broad nature of the subject, a strong grasp of mathematics will support learning in many other subject areas.

Many career paths are open to mathematics students, including engineering, computing, finance and academia, and a strong GCSE grade in mathematics is a pre-requisite for almost all AS and A2 courses.

The Department:

The Mathematics Department consists of skilled and GCSE-experienced teachers who are working at the cutting edge of modern mathematics teaching. The department is fully up-to-date with any changes to the content and assessment system of the GCSE Mathematics course and offer a broad and high-quality experience to all students who attend Gartree High School.

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