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Sport Studies

How the course is assessed?

2 Mandatory Units:

Contemporary issues in sport examination (40%) – external examination

Performance and leadership in sports activities (30%) - Set Assignments

1 optional unit (30%) from:

Sport and the Media

Increasing awareness of Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Exam board


Course Overview

The Cambridge National in Sport Studies takes a sector-based focus, whilst also encompassing some core sport/physical education themes. Students have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge about different types of sport and physical activity, the influence of the media and sports leadership to their own practical performance. They will learn about contemporary issues in sport such as funding, participation, ethics and role models. Students will develop an appreciation of the importance of sport locally and nationally, different ways of being involved in sport and of how this shapes the sports industry.

In the ‘Contemporary issues in sport’ unit students will understand a range of topical and contemporary issues in sport,

including learning about participation levels and barriers to completing sporting activities. They will also learn how participation is impacted by the promotion of values and ethical behaviour, about the role of high-profile sporting events, the role of national governing bodies and how technology is used in within sport.

In the ‘Performance and leadership in sports activities’ unit students will have an opportunity to develop

their skills both as a performer in two different sporting activities, and as a leader, developing a range of transferable skills. They will work both independently and as part of a team, including communicating with team mates performing under pressure, both as a participant and as a leader.

You can expect to:

• enjoy a mix of practical and theory lessons;

• consider the ways that sport is run in this country

• improve leaderships skills and deliver leadership sessions

• broaden your theoretical knowledge of sport.

Where does it lead?

Cambridge Nationals provide a strong base for progression to Further Education, whether it is on to Level 3 Cambridge Technicals or A Levels, or to an apprenticeship or work

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