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75 Years of Gartree High School

We are excited to announce that we are holding a celebration concert and exhibition for our 75th anniversary. We are calling all former staff, students and musicians to help celebrate this achievement.

Celebration Concert

We are looking for former musicians from Gartree who would like to perform in our celebration concert on Saturday 22nd June. 

We will have a massed rehearsal in the afternoon, and evening performance at 7pm.

Tickets will be released at a later date. Please help us to spread the word.



To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Gartree High school, we are putting together an exhibition of Gartree artefacts. We aim to create “a walk through time” to mark the history of Gartree over the years. We need your help!

If you were a former student or staff member at Gartree High School and have some 'artefacts' or memories that you wouldn't mind sharing or lending to us, then please email the address below and someone will get back to you.

We would love to have your memories, the years you attended Gartree and any information about you or the artefact. Do you still have your old reports, or your school tie, or your Geography book? Do you have any photos? Why not have a dig about and see what you can find?

We are especially keen to collect your “Gartree memories” - so cast your mind back to your Gartree years and share your reminiscences.


A drop off point for you to leave your artefacts will be confirmed soon. You could always bring them into school. In any event, let us know what you have and we will work something out. We will ask you to fill in a card with some details about your artefact and your memories – or just let us know what you remember. All contributions gratefully received!

On Wednesday 20th March we are meeting at Zeph's Cafe in Oadby for a drop off, The event will be from 3 till 4 so please come on by if you are free. A collection box will also be available from here following this event just ask behind the counter.

ELSA Hut Fundraiser

Thank you for supporting us with the raffle sales at Christmas. As we continue our focus on raising money for an ELSA hut, our next fundraiser will be a skydive in April by 2 members of staff. They will be jumping from great heights in a bid to raise awareness around children's mental health needs so we can provide the support they need. Any donation you can provide towards this will be massively appreciated and we would also ask that you share this link with any individuals or businesses that you think would also be able to support this worthy cause.

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