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"Governors are highly effective. They have a very clear idea of how well the school is doing, but continue to challenge leaders to improve teaching and achievement further"

  – Ofsted 2015

Mrs Donna Parmar
Mr Pankaj Pancholi
Mr Philip Storey
Mr Adrian Peryer

Parent Governors:

Mrs Vicky Ball – Dec 2027

Ms Rebecca Ginvert - Dec 2027

Mr Muhammad Asad Tahir - Dec 2027

Dr Nalita James - Dec 2027

Appointed Governors:
Mr Gupreet Kooner - January 2025

Community Governors:  

Mr Andre Timothy (Chair) - May 2027

Dr Kerry Francksen - May 2027

Mr Philip Storey - May 2024
Ms Geraldine Barker - June 2024

Finance and Audit Committee

Mr Gurpreet Kooner (Chair)
Mr Philip Storey
Dr Kerry Francksen
Mr Andre Timothy

Ms Geraldine Barker

Mr Asad Tahir

Pay and Personnel Committee:

Mr Philip Storey (Chair)

Dr Kerry Francksen

Ms Geraldine Barker

Ms Rebecca Ginvert

Mrs Vicky Ball

Students Experience and Outcomes Committee:

Dr Kerry Francksen (Chair)
Mr Philip Storey
Professor Jim Saker
Mr Andre Timothy

Dr Nalita James

Mrs Vicky Ball

Co-opted Governors:
Professor Jim Saker - Dec 2024

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