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If you are having issues with MCAS please follow the instructions below

Setting up the MyChildAtSchool App


On an IOS Device such as iPhone or iPad navigate to the App Store and search ‘MyChildAtSchool’ and download app below or tap on the Apple Logo


On an android device such as Samsung and Google Phones navigate to the Play Store and search ‘MyChildAtSchool’ and download the app below or press the Android Logo

thumbnail_Screenshot_20220906-100108_Google Play Store.jpg

Setting a Pin

Once the app has downloaded, open the app, you will then get a prompt to allow notifications accept if you wish. After this you will be met with a screen which prompts you to create a 5 pin passcode, please be aware WE CANNOT RESET THIS so set it to something you can remember.

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Redeeming an Invitation Code

If your child has just started or you have reset your MCAS Account you will receive an email, this email will include your Username and Invitation Code as well as the School ID, To redeem the invitation go to the MCAS app and select log in with Username and Password, it will be In a blue banner. Then this screen will pop up: 

thumbnail_Image (2).jpg

At the bottom of this screen you will see a piece of text about the add button which says ‘Redeem Invitation Code?’ Select this. This screen will then pop up.


This is where you will need to put your School ID, Username and Invitation Code.  

If you have put these in correctly you will be taken to another screen that will allow to put in a recovery email and password. Your email address is only used for getting password reset email and it does not replace your username. Once you have done this it will take you too the main menu of the app.

The school ID is: 12844

Making Dinner Money Payments.

When you are on the home page of the MCAS app you will see three lines in the top corner, press on this. This will then open up a side menu which will look like this. 


Scroll to the bottom of this menu and you will find a section called ‘Dinner Money’ with a icon of a wallet next to it, select this.












This will then take you too a screen that displays the money in the account from there just put the amount you want to put into the account and select ‘Add To Basket’ This will then take you too the check out and you can then add it to your child’s account. 

thumbnail_Image (1).jpg
thumbnail_Image (2).jpg

Purchase a Locker Key

To purchase a locker key navigate to the side menu by tapping on the three lines at the top of the MCAS page and head to the tab called ‘School Shop’ then select the locker key item in the store, then select ‘Add To Basket’ this will then take you to the checkout, once purchased we will then get an email and you child will be able to collect their locker key at the main office. 

If you have any further issues please email:
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