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Physical Education

How the course is assessed: 30% Non-Examination Assessment (NEA). 

Three practical performances. 10% NEA, One Performance Analysis Task.

60% Two examination papers (2x 1 hour) Exam board: OCR (J587)

Course overview: If you want the knowledge to keep yourself fit, healthy and active for life, find the human body fascinating, want to learn how to train SMART, not just harder or you want to develop the knowledge to get better in the sport or activity you take part in the GCSE (9 - 1) Physical Education is for you! 

Studying GCSE PE will open your eyes to the amazing world of sports performance. Not only will you have the chance to perform in three different sports through the non-examined assessment component, you will also develop a wide ranging knowledge into the how and why of Physical activity and sport. 

The combination of the physical performance and academic challenge provides an exciting opportunity for students. You can perform, and then through the academic study learn how to improve your performance through the application of theory. 

You will learn the reasons why we do things, why some outperform others, mentally and physically. You will delve into the ethical considerations behind the use of drugs and also gain an understanding of the consequences of inactivity and poor diet. You can expect to: 

• enjoy a mix of practical and theory lessons; 

• improve personal performance and the performance of others through effective coaching; 

• develop analytical skills and be able to evaluate performance; 

• broaden your theoretical knowledge of sport. 

Where does it lead? This course will lead to a secure foundation for progress to: 

• A level PE 

• BTEC level 3 Sport 

• Higher Education Qualifications 

These qualifications can then lead to career opportunities within sport, such as sports management, teaching, personal trainer or physiotherapy. 

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