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Student Leadership Body

Student Leadership Body

Our student leadership programme helps student leaders to build the necessary skills, confidence and motivation to engage directly in the wider improvement of the school.  Being a student leader helps enhance our students’ leadership skills through the opportunities these positions afford them.

Year 11

Head Prefect.png
Head Prefect – Year 11 Head Student(s) via application and interview with Headteacher
Senior prefects – Year 11 prefects with specific school responsibility

Year 10 & 11

Senior Prefect.png
Gartree prefects - Year 10 & 11 prefects via application
Music Leadership Group – Approached on merit

Year 9

Sports Leader.png
Sports Leaders – Year 9 via application

Year 7 - 11

Form Captains.  All years, democratically elected in forms.
Form Captain#.png
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