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Theme of the Week

Each week at Gartree we collectively have a societal theme to help focus our thinking about the wider world.  Examples of themes include democracy, prejudice, international women’s day and Eid.  Often our themes align with national and international awareness events such as Holocaust Memorial Day and Black History Month.



Our Senior Leaders and Heads of Year deliver assemblies based on the Theme of the Week to all year groups once a week.

Music of the week

As students enter the assembly hall, a piece of music plays with information about this music available for students to read and digest.  This display remains all week in our atrium.  The music covers a wide range of genres from opera to reggae and more.

Music of the Week.jpg
Art of the Week.jpg

Art of the Week

Each week a piece of art is available for students to view, and discuss in our atrium.  This has proved to be extremely popular as students view art work from artists ranging from Picasso and Monet to Fairey who designed the Hope poster popularised by Barack Obama.

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